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This is an adventure type event and is open to all, beginners and experienced, as well as children over 10.
The routes are chosen so that there is a beach and dive break approximately every hour.

Anyone wishing to take part can register in one of two ways:
    1.  After confirming availability by email or phone, registration is done on the website. Add the desired event to the cart, enter the promo code "advance" to pay 50% in advance or if you wish pay the full amount. If there is more than one participant, you email us at with two names and phone number of participants. After receiving the order, you will receive a confirmation email 

    2.  After confirmation of available places by email or phone, you transfer the advance of 50% or the full amount to the account of Dopamine Team: BG98INTF40015039767329 with the reason "the name or date of the event" Then you send us an email to with two names and phone of the participants. Upon receipt of the transfer we will confirm your registration via email.


To make you feel more comfortable it is advisable to have the following at the time of the event:
    1. Water to drink. A minimum of 2 litres per day is a must;
   2. Sunglasses (with high UV protection; the presence of polarization is recommended);
   3. Sun hat/head towel;
   4. Swimsuit or beachwear;
   5. Gloves for kayaking (can also be for a bike);
   6. Sunscreen (high factor);
   7. Beach shoes (quick drying) - there are sea urchins in the sea!
   8. A light, airy, light and comfortable outer garment (for sun protection when paddling). Long sleeved lycra with UV protection is best;
   9. Thin water/windproof jacket;
   10. Lightweight and compact beach towel or scarf;
   11. Knife, thermos, and beverage jug;
   12. Waterproof mobile phone case;
   13. ID card and money in local currency, if needed for the day;
   14. Food for the day depending on personal preference;
   15. Dry (waterproof) bag with a capacity of 15 - 30 l;
   16. Depending on conditions, a pair of dry clothes to change into (stowed in a waterproof bag/pack);
   17. For diving enthusiasts - mask, snorkel, fins.
   18. Flashlight and/or headlamp.

Personal items for the campsite:
   1. Tent, mattress (shawl) and sleeping bag (or blanket);
   2. Toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo);
   3. Drying towel (microfiber towels are more compact);
   4. Mosquito spray/lotion.