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Food and drink

Traditionally meals are at the campsite. We have provided everything needed for a field kitchen and to feed the whole group. Everyone brings their own ingredients or buys their own in bulk. We buy fish from the local fish market and barbecue it for everyone who wants it. It is also recommended to have food ready for at least the first day. During the trip from Sofia to Greece, we will have a fridge and will collect perishables. Each campsite has refrigerators. 
At your disposal, we have provided a coffee machine, and the coffee will be unlimited. We have provided pancakes for breakfast, and it is your responsibility to prepare dry food and sandwiches for your kayak treks, and you must have food and water provided for the time on the water according to your personal needs.
There are tavernas in and near the campground and we will visit them one of the evenings.


In order to be different and to get the maximum comfort, we have provided for you:
Full camping equipment:
   - Tables, chairs and tent if needed;
   - Gas barbecue;
   - Gas cooker;
   - Coffee machine with coffee included;
   - Two mobile refrigerators;
   - Ice machine;
   - Utensils;
   - Supplies (kitchen rolls, foil, garbage bags);
You only need to keep and care for the inventory.
Use of all supplies and optional extras are at no extra charge..