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Personal responsibility is the provision of:

1. Drinking water. 1;
2. Sunglasses (with high UV protection; the presence of polarization is recommended);
3. Sun hat/head towel;
4. Swimsuit or beachwear;
5. Gloves for kayaking (can also be for a bike);
6. Sunscreen (high factor);
7. Beach shoes (quick drying) - there are sea urchins in the sea!
8. A light, airy, light and comfortable outer garment (for sun protection when paddling). Long sleeved lycra with UV protection is best;
9. Thin water/windproof jacket;
10. Lightweight and compact beach towel or scarf;
11. Folding knife, thermos, and beverage jug;
12. Waterproof mobile phone case;
13. ID card and money in local currency, if needed for the day;
14. Food for the day depending on personal preference;
15. Dry (waterproof) bag with a capacity of 15 - 30 l;
16. Depending on conditions, a pair of dry clothes to change into (stowed in a waterproof bag/pack);
17. For diving enthusiasts - mask, snorkel, fins.
18. Flashlight and/or headlamp.


Personal items for the campsite:

1. Tent, mattress (shawl) and sleeping bag (or blanket);
2. Toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo);
3. Drying towel (microfiber towels are more compact);
4. Mosquito spray/lotion.