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Adventure weekend in the Rhodopes

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Few rivers in Bulgaria can boast of the unconditional purity and drinkability of their waters. Most of them flow through the wild and non-urbanized territories of the Rhodopes. An outstanding example of such a river is Mostovska Sushitsa, cutting through the Holy Triangle of Cross Forest - Karadzhov Kamak - Belintash. In its valley there are indescribable secrets - neighborhoods where life stagnated more than half a century ago, rock sanctuaries - larger and smaller "satellites" of the imposing Hajduktash, Belintash and Karadzhov Kamok, rich biodiversity and tranquility that is increasingly uncharacteristic of the strange times we live in. The Mostovska Sushitsa flows from the watershed ridge of the Arpa Gidik - the name given in the past to the Topolov Pass, a key part of the Rhodope Mountains from which an impressive north-south Thracian-Roman road used until recently for trade purposes started. In its upper reaches the river often dries up. Its full flow is characteristic of the autumn-winter months, but sometimes its waters disappear in early spring. It does not actually dry up.
The reason for this disappearance is the karst terrain in this part of the mountain - in almost a 3-kilometre stretch the channel remains dry and only its size hints at the spontaneous inflows in seasons of active snowmelt or torrential rains. The water itself makes its way into the thousands of caverns underground. Shortly before the village of Mostovo, it reappears on the surface and flows through a wild and inaccessible canyon until it joins the Jugovska Sushitsa.
Despite the rugged topography here, the valley of Sushitsa is somehow cozy - surrounded by rock mastodons and nestled between the folds of the Rhodope Mountains. In spring everything is covered with flowers, and the beauty is unadulterated. The coziness is complemented by the Ryakata mahalla - an old village with stone houses from the 19th century.
Where will we spend the night?
Guest House ,,Haidushki Kamak"
Villa Haidushki Kamak is located in the Ryakata mahalla, Mostovo village - about 55 km from Plovdiv, in the centre of the triangle Belintash - Karadzhov Kamak - Krustova Gora. Its location offers visits to many tourist attractions in the vicinity, such as the Cross Forest, Karadzhov Kamak, Belintash, Haidushki Kamak.
The road to the villa runs along the bed of the Sushitsa River, and to get from Mostovo to the property one has to drive along a 4 km dirt road, which requires a higher passable vehicle. It is a circuitous walk through the picturesque river valley. There are no shops or retail outlets nearby. The quiet and privacy of the house predispose to a holiday filled with tranquility.
The house is brand new, furnished in traditional style and the yard is spacious and filled with beautiful flowers.

The tavern is an outdoor annex that offers the possibility for larger gatherings and celebrations. Guests have the opportunity to prepare their own meals there.
The cottage offers bedding for 11 people. Each room has its own bathroom. There is a large veranda which offers a great view of the mountains.
The program includes:
Friday afternoon
- Arrival on Friday afternoon in the village of. Friday afternoon Mostovo
- One-hour hike on foot or horseback to the Ryakata mahalla and accommodation
- In the evening - we will soak in the tranquility of the Rhodope Mountains by the cozy fireplace in the tavern. We will prepare our dinner together and have fun.
- A walk to the sanctuary of the Haidushki Stone (Haidutkaya). Passing through the picturesque Rhodope forests, through the secret paths we will reach the highest points of the natural landmark. Will you have words to describe the beauty and magic? You will try to tell yourself.
To reach the site, we will start the adventure with the starting point of Hajdushki Kamak House. In order to reach the peak you will need to apply all your knowledge and skills, which under our guidance and with the help of maps, signs and special jokers, we have organized for you in the form of an orienteering game.
The site is situated on a rocky plateau with sheer cliffs on all sides. The plateau slopes to the north and is only accessible from the northeast. Carved rock pits and fragments of Thracian pottery have been documented in the southernmost part of the summit.
In the evening
For the evening we have prepared a special programme that will be a surprise for you.
If on Friday we have not done a horse ride we will do it within the Sunday day or after breakfast, coffee and leaving the house we will walk to the ancient Thracian sanctuary Belintash.
*The price is for a group of up to 11 people.
**Price does not include accommodation. It is payable locally to our kind hosts at the rate of 350 BGN per night for the house rental.
What else we can offer you (negotiable)*
- Breakfast
- Dinner
Note: we can arrange the programme on your chosen dates

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