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Home Kayak Adventures in GreeceSkiathos Island Tour, 4 day expedition kayaking adventure

Skiathos Island Tour, 4 day expedition kayaking adventure

Price: €193.28
List Price: €214.75
Discount: €21.47 (10.00%)
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Minimum number of participants 7, maximum 18.  
You can choose double or single kayak according to your preferences and possibilities.
If you choose a single kayak, there is no additional fee.
Discounts are not combined, the largest discount is taken into account.
To pay 50% in advance use promo code - advance

  • 10% discount for a group of at least 4 people

  • 10% discount for early bookings until 14.08.2023

Rent a tent and inflatable mattress:

There are 18 seats available

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Skiathos Island Tour, 4 day expedition kayaking adventure
Skiathos Island Tour, 4 day expedition kayaking adventure

A four-day expedition around the island of Skiathos, a real adventure in the Aegean Sea. Skiathos is the westernmost island of the North Sporades group of islands. Here is where one can find everything a kayak adventure lover wants. From calm turquoise waters and sheltered beaches accessible only by water, to caves and ... lagoons familiar to us from the movie Mama Mia.
The first night will be on Skiathos' most famous beach Lalaria beach, it is one of the most beautiful in Greece and made Skiathos famous. The majestic appearance of the landscape evokes awe and admiration in guests who see it for the first time.
After breakfast we continue to
Xanemos Beach, which is an extension of an airstrip and we will watch planes take off and land a few meters above our heads.
The next stop is the capital, we will have lunch at a taverna and go beachcombing. Those who wish can stay the night in a guesthouse, (available without prior reservation) and the rest of us continue on and settle in for the night on a turquoise wild beach nearby.
To complete the program, on the third day we will tour and sleep on one of the beaches of the exotic island of Tsougria.
On the fourth day we continue our tour of the island and explore the sheltered beaches.
We stop for a short break at Little Banana Beach, where we will have lunch at a tavern, then head to the mainland, which is about 4 km away.
Paddling for the day will be about 15 km with beach breaks, and nights will be under the stars.
September is good for kayaking around the shores of the island because the sea is calm and there is no main influx of tourists and boats in the sea.
The event is suitable for people with basic sea kayaking experience.
Or people who have come to at least one of our events.
The trip will be expedition style and we will be sleeping on bags or tents under the open sky, bringing all our luggage in the kayaks with us (bag, shawl, bivy gear) Although there will be tavernas and shops from the second day, you should bring food and water for 2 days.
Personal luggage should be minimal, space in the kayak is limited!

We travel organized from Sofia with transport and platform to transport the kayaks, luggage, equipment and food. Space for luggage is limited, you can bring: small bag or backpack, tent, food, water and dry bag. It is possible to participate with personal transport, in which case you will benefit from a discounted price.
Our group departs from the parking lot in front of the main entrance of the National Stadium "Vasil Levski", Sofia and returns there again on Sunday.
The event is expedition style, the first night we will sleep on wild beaches under the stars, the second and third nights there will be a bar and showers near the beaches.

Food & Drink:
Meals on this adventure will individual. On the second day in the capital, products can be purchased. It is recommended to have food and water ready for at least two days.
Conditions of Participation:
This adventure is open to anyone who both has basic kayaking experience or has attended at least one of our events.
Anyone wishing to do so, in addition to clicking the "I will attend" button, must register with an email containing three names and a current contact number at
The link below describes the required personal equipment that everyone should have:
For early booking until 14 August 2023 or for a minimum of 4 people the price is £378 per person.
To confirm your participation in the program you need:
- After confirmation of available places by email or phone, to transfer an advance of 50% to the account of Dopamine Team: BG98INTF40015039767329 with the reason for payment - Kayaks Skiathos 2023 (the remaining amount is payable on the spot in cash or by card)
You can pay 50% in advance or the full amount by card from our website at the following link: using promo code - advance
The deposit will be refunded immediately if the reason the event does not take place is due to travel restrictions, if a group does not assemble, or due to significant weather deterioration throughout the region. Depending on weather conditions, an alternate kayak destination may be selected.
In the event of cancellation due to inability or illness, requested more than 14 days prior to the advertised date, we will provide you with a voucher for another event of ours for the amount paid.
Price includes:
- Full four days kayaking around Skiathos Island
- Use of double or single kayaks according to preference and availability.
All our boats are manufactured by world leaders:
(If you have paddled Chinese boats or low end kayaks before, you will notice the difference);
- Kayak gear: modern lightweight paddle, PALM life jacket and spritz;
- Transportation to the camping starting point and back with the kayak transport vehicles. It is possible to participate with personal transport, in which case you receive a discount in the price;
- Qualified kayak guide;
- Instruction and training;
- Photos along the routes.
The participation fee offered by Dopamine Team Ltd. is for the service of kayak rental, kayak equipment, camping equipment (except for personal equipment listed in the attached list), logistics, provision of instructor and guide.
If there are other prices advertised they are for information purposes only and are not subject to the sale of goods and services by us!

Price does not include:
- Hotel accommodation for the second night (optional) according to the prices for the season. Payment is made in person to the hotel;
- Meals, drinks and other personal expenses;
- Tent and air mattress rental - 10 BGN for the whole period (If you wish to rent a tent and air mattress, we ask you to request them in advance);
- Health insurance for the duration of the event, which we will require from you, cost 4-6 BGN per person. It is also taken out online at and is payable to the insurer.
We recommend you also take out travel cancellation insurance


This is an adventure type event and is open to all, beginners and experienced, as well as children over 10.
The routes are chosen so that there is a beach and dive break approximately every hour.

Anyone wishing to take part can register in one of two ways:
    1.  After confirming availability by email or phone, registration is done on the website. Add the desired event to the cart, enter the promo code "advance" to pay 50% in advance or if you wish pay the full amount. If there is more than one participant, you email us at with two names and phone number of participants. After receiving the order, you will receive a confirmation email 

    2.  After confirmation of available places by email or phone, you transfer the advance of 50% or the full amount to the account of Dopamine Team: BG98INTF40015039767329 with the reason "the name or date of the event" Then you send us an email to with two names and phone of the participants. Upon receipt of the transfer we will confirm your registration via email.


To make you feel more comfortable it is advisable to have the following at the time of the event:
    1. Water to drink. A minimum of 2 litres per day is a must;
   2. Sunglasses (with high UV protection; the presence of polarization is recommended);
   3. Sun hat/head towel;
   4. Swimsuit or beachwear;
   5. Gloves for kayaking (can also be for a bike);
   6. Sunscreen (high factor);
   7. Beach shoes (quick drying) - there are sea urchins in the sea!
   8. A light, airy, light and comfortable outer garment (for sun protection when paddling). Long sleeved lycra with UV protection is best;
   9. Thin water/windproof jacket;
   10. Lightweight and compact beach towel or scarf;
   11. Knife, thermos, and beverage jug;
   12. Waterproof mobile phone case;
   13. ID card and money in local currency, if needed for the day;
   14. Food for the day depending on personal preference;
   15. Dry (waterproof) bag with a capacity of 15 - 30 l;
   16. Depending on conditions, a pair of dry clothes to change into (stowed in a waterproof bag/pack);
   17. For diving enthusiasts - mask, snorkel, fins.
   18. Flashlight and/or headlamp.

Personal items for the campsite:
   1. Tent, mattress (shawl) and sleeping bag (or blanket);
   2. Toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo);
   3. Drying towel (microfiber towels are more compact);
   4. Mosquito spray/lotion.

Transportation and accommodation

We travel organized from Sofia with transport and platform for transporting the kayaks, luggage, equipment and food.
Space for luggage is limited. You may bring a suitcase or duffel bag, tent, food, water and backpack.
During transport, alcohol is not recommended.
There is no need to bring tables and chairs, we have taken care of providing them.
It is possible to participate with personal transport, in which case you will benefit from a discounted price.
It is possible to participate with a personal kayak and we will transport it.
We depart from the parking lot in front of the main entrance of the National Stadium "Vasil Levski", Sofia and after the event is over, we return there again.


We will be staying overnight at a campsite that has all the facilities, prices are between 8-14 euros per night depending on the season. 
There are hotels and guest rooms near the campsite. If anyone wishes they can make their own reservation.

Food and drink

Traditionally meals are at the campsite. We have provided everything needed for a field kitchen and to feed the whole group. Everyone brings their own ingredients or buys their own in bulk. We buy fish from the local fish market and barbecue it for everyone who wants it. It is also recommended to have food ready for at least the first day. During the trip from Sofia to Greece, we will have a fridge and will collect perishables. Each campsite has refrigerators. 
At your disposal, we have provided a coffee machine, and the coffee will be unlimited. We have provided pancakes for breakfast, and it is your responsibility to prepare dry food and sandwiches for your kayak treks, and you must have food and water provided for the time on the water according to your personal needs.
There are tavernas in and near the campground and we will visit them one of the evenings.


In order to be different and to get the maximum comfort, we have provided for you:
Full camping equipment:
   - Tables, chairs and tent if needed;
   - Gas barbecue;
   - Gas cooker;
   - Coffee machine with coffee included;
   - Two mobile refrigerators;
   - Ice machine;
   - Utensils;
   - Supplies (kitchen rolls, foil, garbage bags);
You only need to keep and care for the inventory.
Use of all supplies and optional extras are at no extra charge..


Our goal is also to pass on our knowledge to you, so during the event everyone will learn or improve the following techniques:

For beginners:
     - Getting in and out of the sea with the kayak;
     - Proper paddling forward and backward, stopping;
     - Maintaining, correcting and changing course;
     - Basic capsize prevention techniques,
     - Self-rescue and mutual rescue.

For the advanced:
 If desired, there will be individual exercises for:
     - Deep water rescue techniques.
     - Eskimo capsize and rescue
     - Rock maneuvering exercises to prevent capsizing

Everyone can choose between double and single kayak according to their wishes and abilities, single kayak is no extra charge!

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