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Home Outdoor activities Kayak Adventures in Greece Diaporos, the blue lagoon and Talgo beach bar - 4 day kayaking adventure. 09-12.05

Diaporos, the blue lagoon and Talgo beach bar - 4 day kayaking adventure. 09-12.05

Price: €237.75
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Minimum number of participants 8, maximum 20.  
You can choose double or single kayak according to your preferences and possibilities.
If you choose a single kayak there
is no additional fee.

Discounts are not combined, the largest discount is taken into account.

To pay 50% in advance use promo code - advance



    ATTENTION: Discounts are not combined, the largest discount is taken into account.

Rent a tent and mattress, price for the whole period:
Choose a kayak according to experience and desire:

✪ There are no seats available

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If you want to be part of an exciting experience, paddling around an island with turquoise beaches, then the island of Diaporos is definitely one of the places for you. It is located in the bay of Vourvourou, Sithonia, next to the coast. 
Its shoreline is heavily indented with numerous small coves with shallow water, and the sea οround it is a mix of light and dark shades. Due to the geographic location, the bays are always protected from winds and there are no waves. Which makes it a preferred destination for kayaking adventures and training. 

You can make a reservation from the link below or from the TICKETS button:

Day one, Thursday, 09.05.2024: 
Meeting in front of Vasil Levski Stadium at 00:30 and departure from Sofia at 01:00.
Arrival around 07:30 in Ormos Panagias. We stop for coffee and breakfast and buy some fish from the local fish market, then head to Rea Camping, which is located across the street from Fr. Diaporos.  We unload our equipment and kayaks and after a short break we will do a briefing and head to the beaches of the island. Diaporos. Before sunset we return to the campsite.

On the first day we will make the most of the time to learn and perfect our paddling techniques.
In the evening we will have a free program, go back to the campsite, fire up the barbecue, prepare dinner and have fun.
The paddling for the day is 6 km.

Day two, Friday, 10.05.2024: 
After breakfast and coffee, and making sandwiches for the day, we put the kayaks on the water and head to Fr. Diaporos. This time we will take a tour of the island, and on our breaks we will enjoy the sandy beaches and swim in the crystal clear sea waters.
There are four breaks planned for the day, the first is on the southeast beach of Diaporos and the second is on Myrsini Beach on the east coast, also called White Beach or Hawaii because of the white sand and deep blue color of the water. Here the break will be longer and we will have lunch. Please note that there are no restaurants or tavernas on the island, so stock up on water and food for the day. Our next stop is the Blue Lagoon, the most iconic spot in the northeast of Diaporos, but also the most visited spot on the island for its emerald waters. Therefore, our stay here will be shorter. We continue our tour, our last stop will be on a sandy beach opposite the mainland where we will wait for the sunset.  

The paddle that day is about 14 km with four breaks. 
For the evening we again plan a free program in the pleasant atmosphere of the campsite, again we will have dinner at the campsite.

Day three, Saturday, 11.05.2024: 
This day we will explore the coast north of the campsite.
The first break is on Fr. Peristeri. A thin strip of sand separates the water on either end of the island and forms two completely different pools as underwater worlds. Only lack of desire can stop you from exploring both with snorkel and goggles.
Our next break will be for lunch at a beach taverna in Ormos Panagias, after lunch we head to the iconic Talgo Beach where we will visit the one-room beach bar. The beach parties, led οn by a DJ, will start around 3pm. No one will feel like leaving, but an hour before sunset we will head to the campsite. Along the way, we'll stop for a break and photos on a small rock island that has a chapel built into the water. 

The paddle that day is about 14 km with four breaks. 
In the evening we will visit Nikiti in an organized van and have dinner at a local tavern.

Day four, Sunday, 12.05.2024:
Day to relax, study and depart for Bulgaria.
All those who wish, gather at 09.00 at the boats and by 13.00 we perfect the following techniques:
     - Getting in and out of the sea with the kayak;
     - Proper paddling forwards, sideways and backwards, stopping;
     - Maintaining, correcting and changing course;
     - Basic capsize prevention techniques:
     - Self-rescue and assisted rescue;
Training is mainly done on single kayaks!
Those who do not wish to participate can simply watch or stay on the beach.

From 13.00 to 14.00 free time for lunch and rest and at 14.00 we all together collect the equipment, wash and load the kayaks on the trailers and around 16.30 we leave back to Bulgaria. We will stop for a gyros in Nikiti and continue. 
Expected arrival in front of Vasil Levski Stadium, Sofia is at 23.00.

Note: The organizers reserve the right to change the program depending on the weather conditions in order to ensure maximum safety of the participants.
Transport and accommodation:
We travel organized from Sofia with transport and platform for transporting the kayaks, luggage, equipment and food. Space for luggage is limited. You can bring a backpack or duffel bag, tent and food. No need to bring tables and chairs, we have made sure to provide full kitchen facilities.
It is possible to participate with personal transport.
We depart from the parking lot in front of the main entrance of the National Stadium "Vasil Levski", Sofia and return there again, we do not offer personal visits. 

Food and drink:
Bring dry food for the day.
Traditionally meals are at the campsite. We have provided everything needed for a field kitchen and to feed the whole group. Each participant brings their own produce or buys it on site. We buy fish from the local fish market and barbecue it for everyone who wants it. It is recommended to bring prepared food for at least the first day. During the trip from Sofia to Greece, we will have a refrigerator and will collect perishable products. Our first stop is at a 24-hour convenience store in Kresna, where you can buy water and groceries. The campground has refrigerators in the communal kitchens. 
We have a coffee machine at your disposal and the coffee will be unlimited. It is your responsibility to prepare dry food and sandwiches for your kayak treks, and you must have food and water provided for your personal needs for the time on the water.
There is a taverna and shop at the campsite.

Training and Improvement:
As we have repeatedly stated, our mission is to pass on our knowledge to you, so during the event everyone will learn or improve the following techniques:
- Getting the kayak in and out of the sea;
- Proper paddling forwards, sideways and backwards, stopping;
- Maintaining, correcting and changing course;
- Basic techniques to avoid capsizing;
- Self-rescue and assisted rescue.
- For the advanced we provide individual exercises.

This adventure is open to everyone, beginners and experienced people, and children over 10 years old. Routes are chosen so that approximately every hour there is a beach and dive break You will feel more comfortable if you have at least an average level of fitness.


For a minimum of 4 people the price is 420 BGN per person.

This year we have provided a small bonus for people who make early plans, giving the opportunity to pre-register until 20.03 with a 20% discount!!! (the use of the pre-registration bonus is only valid with 100% prepayment).

Minimum number of participants: 8, maximum capacity 20 people without guides. 
All available places are published on our website in real time. To confirm your participation in the program you need to register on the website and place an order. Add the desired event to the cart, enter the promo code "advance" to pay 50% in advance or if you wish pay the full amount. 
When the event is on "pre-ordering" the full amount is paid. It is possible to pay by bank or card. 
If there is more than one participant, you must email us at with two names and phone number of the participants. Once the order is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you. 
Advance payment will be refunded immediately if the reason the event does not take place is due to travel restrictions, if we do not form a group, or due to a significant deterioration in weather throughout the region. Depending on weather conditions, an alternative kayaking destination in another region of Greece may be selected.

In case of cancellation of the event due to inability or illness, requested more than 14 days before the announced date, we will provide you with a voucher for another event of ours at the paid value.

Price includes:
- FULL FOUR DAYS of kayaking off the beaches of o. ;
- Use of double or single kayaks according to preference and availability. 
All our boats are high class and are manufactured by the world leaders;
- Kayak equipment: modern lightweight paddle, PALM life jacket and spritz;
- Transportation to the campsite and back with the kayak transport vehicles. It is possible to participate with personal transport, in which case you receive a discount on the price;
- Qualified kayak guide;
- Instruction and training;
- Photos along the routes.

In order to be different and to get the maximum comfort during your stay on land, we have provided for you full camping equipment, namely:
- Tables, chairs and tent (if needed);
- Gas barbecue;

- Coffee machine with coffee included;
- Two mobile refrigerators;
- Ice machine;
- Utensils;
- Supplies (kitchen rolls, foil, garbage bags);

Price does not include:
- Overnight accommodation at Rea campsite is €9 per night (specially negotiated price for Dopamine Team clients), which everyone pays personally on site, the campsite does not offer hotel accommodation but does offer caravan accommodation. Prices are on a price list according to the season.
- Food, drinks and other personal expenses;
- Tent and air mattress hire at prices from £20 for the whole period (if you wish to hire a tent and air mattress, we ask that you request them in advance);
- Health insurance for the duration of the event, which we will require from you, cost 4-6 BGN per person. It can also be taken online at and is payable to the insurer (personal details are required and we prefer you do not provide them).
We recommend you also take out travel cancellation insurance at this link: 

For the use of all supplies, camping equipment and optional extras 
You only need to keep and take care of the inventory.
The participation fee offered by Dopamine Team Ltd is for the service of transporting kayak and camping equipment, renting kayak and camping equipment, logistics, providing an instructor and guide.
If there are other prices listed they are for information purposes only and are not subject to the sale of goods and services by us!
Any discounts at tavernas and campsites (if any) are shared with you and we do not take advantage of them. 
The link below describes the necessary personal equipment that everyone should have:

Level of difficulty

Difficulty level according to the distance of the adventure programs:

1 out of 4

- Introduction to kayaking performed in lakes, bays with calm waters.
- Distance from shore less than 1.6 km
- Distance covered in a day - 3-6 km.
- Overall time on the water for the day - 2-3 hours
- No previous experience required
- No swimming skill required

2 of 4

- Distance from shore less than 1.6 km
- Paddling for the day - 6-14 km.
- Overall time on the water for the day - 3-4 hours
- No previous experience required
- No swimming skill required
- Participants must be able to spend at least 1hr in the kayak.

3 of 4

- Distance from shore less than 1.6 km
- Paddling for the day - 14-20 km.
- Overall time on the water for the day - 4-6 hours
- No previous experience required
- No swimming skill required
- Participants must be able to spend at least 1hr in the kayak.

4 of 4

- Distance from shore greater than 1.6 km
- Paddling for the day - 16-25 km.
- Previous experience is required.
- No swimming skill required
- At least average physical fitness required
- Participants must be able to spend more than 1hr in the kayak.

Difficulty level may change depending on weather conditions, wind and waves.