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Home Outdoor activities Kayak adventures in Bulgaria Kayak training - introduction to kayaking at Ognyanovo Dam - Intro!

Kayak training - introduction to kayaking at Ognyanovo Dam - Intro!

Price: €51.13
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The program is of a training nature with overnight camping or hotel accommodations.
Suitable for intermediate and advanced campers, not suitable for children.

The maximum number of participants is 14 and the program is run with a minimum of 6 participants. 

It is run on a single kayak.

Discounts are not combined, the largest discount is taken into account.
To pay 50% in advance use promo code -

During the event, participants must strictly comply with the regulations of the guides, be in good physical health, have no illnesses and injuries not reported to the organizer.

ACCOMMODATION: Overnight accommodation at Talata campsite is 6.5 euros per night and 7 euros per tent, which everyone pays personally on site. The campsite does not offer hotel accommodation but does offer caravan and bungalow accommodation. Prices are on a price list according to the season.



    ATTENTION: Discounts are not combined, the largest discount is taken into account.

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    If you need HELP, please call on +359898999333 or +359877030766

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The programme is a one-day training programme. 

It is suitable for beginners, as well as for people with little experience and for children over 10 years.

The training will take place at Ognyanovo dam near the town of Ognyanovo. The training will take place on the Onygnaya river in Elin Pelin. 
GPS coordinates of the meeting place:
42.613907, 23.740923


The training is planned to last 3 hours, two groups will be formed during the day. The second group will be formed after the first group is filled. We will additionally inform you about the start time of the event.

The maximum number of participants per group is 14 on a single kayak and 8 on a double, and the program runs with a minimum of 8 participants. 

Training is done on single kayaks for adults and on doubles for children with a parent. 

This course is for anyone who wants to join our kayak adventures in the 2024 season but has no experience or feels unsure. 

The course is also suitable for people who have participated in double kayak trips but want to find out if single kayaking is suitable for them. Also, if you have only ever used depreciated old boats, this course will give you the opportunity to experience the difference when you get on a high-end new boat.

During the event everyone will learn or improve the following techniques:

- Lifting, Carrying;
- Getting the kayak in and out of the water;
- Paddling forward effectively;
- Paddling backwards, stopping; 
- Lateral Movement; 
- Changing direction;
- Maintaining, correcting and changing course;
- Techniques for dealing with environmental phenomena.
- Group behaviour;
- Basic techniques to avoid capsizing;
- Basic principles of movement in bodies of water and seas. 


All vacancies are published on our website in real time. To confirm your participation in the program you need to register on the website and place an order. Add the desired event to the cart, enter the promo code "advance" to pay 50% in advance or if you wish pay the full amount.

If you don't have your own transport, you will be able to use the transport with which we transport the kayaks, but the places are limited. 
We depart from the parking lot in front of the main entrance of the National Stadium "Vasil Levski", Sofia and return there again, we do not offer personal visits. Departure times will be specified later.
NOTE: Each participant in this program will receive a promo code for 10% off a kayak adventure of their choice in 2024.

Price includes:

 Qualified kayak instructor;

 Instruction and Training;

 Kayak equipment: paddle, life jacket and splash pad;

Price does not include:
 Food, drinks and other personal expenses;
 Transport to Ognyanovo Dam;
 Health insurance for the duration of the event, which we will require from you, cost 2-3 BGN per person. It can also be taken online at and is payable to the insurer (personal details are required and we prefer that you do not provide them).

The participation fee offered by Dopamine Team Ltd is for the service of transporting kayak, renting kayak and camping equipment, logistics, providing an instructor and guide.

If there are other prices advertised, they are for information purposes only and are not subject to the sale of goods and services by us!