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Home Products Alpine and climbing equipment Grinyo Gamechanger – indoor dry-tooling training axes (pair)

Grinyo Gamechanger – indoor dry-tooling training axes (pair)

Price: €214.75
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Gamechanger is a full-length, full-strength indoor dry-tooling axe with 5mm aluminum core, ergonomic handle, two outer layers of beech plywood and specially molded rubber tip pad.

It has a competition class design and it’s fully stein pull-able.

Designed to keep you training anytime, every day in any climbing gym.

There are 6 seats available

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- Strong and durable construction. Fully stein-pull able.
- Competition class tool shaft.
- 5mm aluminum stock.
- Replaceable rubber pads.

Sold in pairs.

Technical Specifications:
- Weight per pair: 1294g.
- Length: 517mm
- Width: 23mm

Used materials:
- 9mm beech plywood
- 5mm aluminum
- Molded rubber
- Impregnant for wood Bochemit


Grinyo Gamechanger FAQ

Should I wear a helmet when using Gamechanger?
It is mandatory to wear a helmet when climbing with the indoor training axes, just like ice-climbing or dry-tooling outdoors.

Can I stein pull on them?
Yes, sure. The aluminum core makes your tools strong and durable.

How long will the tips last?
Rubber tips wear depends on usage. Advanced and aggressive climbers may wear the tips faster than beginners. It also depends on the shape and structure of the holds. The tip pads are replaceable and you can find new pads HERE.

Can I twist them in a crack like I do with my ice axes outdoors?
No. You may break your tools.

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