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Home Products Glasses Sunglasses - Julbo - Edge - RP 1-3 LAF

Sunglasses - Julbo - Edge - RP 1-3 LAF

Price: €239.80
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Julbo Edge Sunglasses Whether you're cycling in or out of town, Julbo Edge are the perfect choice for women's sunglasses. They combine sleek design and high functionality, providing crystal clear visibility and protection. Key Features: Nose Grip. Curved Grip Ends: Ergonomic profile for a good fit Grip Tech: Soft grip material that does not stick to the hair, providing perfect grip and comfort Full Venting: Excellent ventilation to prevent fogging Panoramic View: Wide field of view MagneFix: Magnetic technology for quick lens changes Anti-fog Coating Comfort Fit with Helmet: Suitable for wearing with helmet Plates: REACTIV Performance 1-3 photochromic lenses: Adapt to light conditions (VLT: 17%-75%), with internal anti-fog coating and external grease-repellent coating. Ideal for mountain running and cycling. Material. Technology NTS: The lens changes its darkness regardless of temperature Dimensions: 64 mm Bridge distance: 15 mm Handle length: 124 mm Base: 5 Plaque size: 131 mm Weight: 25 g

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