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Home Products Glasses Sunglasses - Julbo - Density - RP 1-3 LAF

Sunglasses - Julbo - Density - RP 1-3 LAF

Price: €214.75
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Quality, stylish and functional, Density sunglasses from Julbo are rewriting the standards with their ultra-modern look and unbeatable performance. The large cylindrically curved lens, minimalist frame and slim handles ensure a precise fit and a lightweight feel. Soft inserts on the bridge and handles improve grip without sticking to hair, allowing for comfortable helmet wear. The handles are designed for precise adjustment and the insert in the nose area absorbs shock, providing extra protection and comfort. The wide lens offers an unobstructed field of view, and ventilation above the nose prevents fogging, providing crystal clear visibility in all conditions. Special anti-fog and anti-fingerprint coatings facilitate cleaning and protect against harmful UV rays. MAIN FEATURES: Lens height: 59 mm Bridge distance: 15 mm Handle length: 138 mm Base: 5 Lens size: 135 mm Designed for adults

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