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Home Products Glasses Children's sunglasses - Julbo - Flash - Sp 3

Children's sunglasses - Julbo - Flash - Sp 3

Price: €57.27
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Flash Kids Sunglasses from Julbo provide optimal protection and style for kids. Their wraparound design is suitable for both the street and the playground. Flash features Spectron 3 (VLT 12%) polycarbonate lenses, ideal for medium to strong sun and a variety of outdoor activities. The lenses have an anti-fog coating. The frame is ergonomic and provides a secure grip, with the ability to attach a goggle link. The handles and nose area are equipped with soft material for comfort and stability without sticking or plucking hair. Julbo Flash are perfect for children aged 6-10, providing protection and comfort during play and sport. KEY FEATURES: Lens height: 39 mm 16 mm 115 mm Base: 6 Lens size: 45 mm Designed for children 6-10 years old DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Stylish plastic frame Spectron 3 polycarbonate lenses 100% UV protection Curved handles for better fit Soft rubberized material for comfort and grip Shock-absorbing nose pad Goggle connection option Ergonomic design

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