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Home Products Glasses Sunglasses - Julbo - Ultimate - RP 1-3 LAF

Sunglasses - Julbo - Ultimate - RP 1-3 LAF

Price: €224.97
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Julbo's Ultimate eyewear encourages you to push your limits. With excellent geometry and lenses, they offer eye protection and a comfortable field of view for better sports performance. The design ensures stable head coverage, even with a helmet. Wide lenses provide optical clarity and aggression. With photochromic options, there's no need to remove them. Improve your performance now! FEATURES: - 3D Nose Fit: Flexible inserts for a secure fit. - Adjustable Temples: Precise grip for lasting hold. - Comfort Fit with Helmet: Comfort and grip maintained. - Cord Attachment: Option for added security. - Full Venting: Prevents fogging. - Grip Tech Temples: Soft inserts for grip without hair sticking. - Panoramic View: Wide lenses for maximum visibility. LENSES: REACTIV Performance 1-3 Light Amplifier Photochromic Lenses CLEAR VISIBILITY IN ALL CONDITIONS Adapting to changing light conditions, ideal for mountain activities. - NTS Technology: Adjusts regardless of temperature. - Sun Protection: Photochromic - VLT: 17% - 75% - Material: Trivex

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