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Home Products Glasses Sunglasses - Julbo - Edge - RP 0-3 HC

Sunglasses - Julbo - Edge - RP 0-3 HC

Price: €239.80
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When cycling, good visibility is key to safety. Choose quality goggles that protect the eyes and provide crystal clarity. The Edge sunglasses from Julbo are specifically designed for cycling, with high-quality features like MagneFix magnetic technology for easy lens changes and an adjustable 3D nose pad. The large frameless plate provides a wide field of vision and perfect ventilation, while the anti-fog coating ensures clear visibility. The lightweight and impact-resistant plates offer excellent sun protection and protect against dust and particles. Key features: Plaque height: 64 mm Bridge spacing: 15 mm Handle length: 124 mm Weight: 25 g Recommended use: Suitable for cycling and other outdoor activities. Distinguishing Features: 3D Nose Fit: Adaptable nose pads Anti-fog Coating. Comfort Fit with Helmet. Full Venting: Full air circulation Grip Tech Temples: Stable fit Panoramic View: Wide field of view MagneFix Interchangeable Lens: Easy lens change Minimalist Frame: Slim frame for wide field of view Flexible Slim Temples: Slim grips for comfort Plates: REACTIV Performance 0-3 HIGH CONTRAST photochromic lenses adapt to light conditions, with anti-fog and grease-repellent coatings. Replacement lenses with anti-reflective and anti-glare properties.

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