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Home Products Glasses Sunglasses - Julbo - Camino M - Pol 3CF

Sunglasses - Julbo - Camino M - Pol 3CF

Price: €120.16
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Let your feet and your eyes lead the way, whether you're walking along the Compostela, hiking the legendary Stevenson Trail or circling the foot of Mont Blanc. Long hikes offer freedom and enjoyment without the need to rush, focused on discovery and observation. For these adventures Julbo has created indispensable, lightweight and functional goggles specifically for trekking, hiking and hiking. With ultra-wide coverage and REACTIV Photochromic or Category 4 protective lenses, the Camino M provides flawless protection and excellent visibility for the entire journey. Technical features: Attachment of goggle ties Curved handle ends for a comfortable and stable fit Removable side shades for sun protection Adjustable goggle link Full coverage for maximum protection from sunlight Plates: Polarized 3CF lenses Polycarbonate cat 3 lenses (light transmission: 11%) with polarization and colored mirror coating Eliminate glare from reflective surfaces (snow, water, etc.) Suitable for all types of sea and mountain sports Material: polycarbonate

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